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Advertising on TJI Newsletter

The TJI Newsletter has over 6.650 subscribers from over 100 countries. They receive each Thursday a weekly update by e-mail on all relevant developments in the industry. The TJI newsletter is free of charge.

You can advertise a HTML message in two different sizes - text banner and graphic banner - both stationary on first come - first served basis - plus link to your URL and/or your e-mail address. The specifications and prices of these are as follows:

Button size 192x192, below 8kb in size price 3 months: EUR 490 | USD 545
price 6 months: EUR 1,450 | USD 1,607
price 12 months: EUR 1,980 | USD 2,195
Text banner 500 characters (incl. spaces) + live URL. Size 468x60 pixels, below 60kb in size
price 3 months: EUR 950 | USD 1,093
price 6 months: EUR 1,950 | USD 2,162
price 12 months: EUR 2,550 | USD 2,850

Advertising on TJI Homepage

TJI's website,, is valued by our users as the top online information tool for the international tobacco industry. The site received over 143,000 visitors in 2014.

The site is updated daily with the latest news in the tobacco industry and gives users direct access to our archive and the content of our print magazine and also a calendar of upcoming events.

TJI online offers ads in two different sizes - banners and buttons - both rotating - both alternate with each click on our site. The specifications and prices of which are as follows:


Button ad  size 125x125 pixels, below 60kb in size  price 3 months: EUR 430  USD 477 
  price 6 months: EUR 820  USD 909 
  price 12 months: EUR 1,250  USD 1,385 
Banner  size 468x60 pixels, below 60kb in size  price 3 months: EUR 654  USD 724 
  price 6 months: EUR 1,050  USD 1,165 
  price 12 months: EUR 1,950  USD 2,165 

Of course you can always change the content of your button or banner at any time to meet marketing strategies. They must be submitted as image files in GIF format, GIF can be interlaced and must use 216 color Netscape palette. GIF animations must not have more than 3 loops, with 5 frames maximum per loop. Advertisers should provide a live URL and are responsible for the quality of their banner.


For further information please call Stefanie Scherrer at (+49) 711 7594 4639 or send an e-mail to stefanie.scherrer(at)