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Ban on flavoured e-cigarette liquids

23 Jun 2020. The Dutch government has banned flavoured liquids for e-cigarettes, in an effort to make them less attractive to young people, reported NL Times.

The ban was announced after the State Secretary of Public Health, Paul Blokhuis, wrote to the Dutch parliament on 23 June. Tobacco flavours are not included in the ban, to allow smokers to continue using e-cigarettes to quit. According to the report, the move comes as a response to the latest insights from the Trimbos Institute, which concluded that e-cigarette usage is more damaging than previously thought and that the Dutch public health would benefit from the discouraging of their use. The institute also advised limiting the usage of e-cigarettes to smokers who were unable to quit using other means.

The Dutch government will also start restricting tobacco heating devices, such as IQOS. This will mean that products such as these will fall under the same regulations currently governing cigarettes. There will be a minimum age limit to purchase them and shops will no longer be allowed to have them on display.

In his letter, Blokhuis stated, "All kinds of organizations are working very hard to make it harder to start smoking and easier to quit. This is also urgently needed because it remains unacceptable that 20 thousand people die in our country every year from the effects of smoking and about 75 children start smoking every day. The new insights confirm that the smoke-free generation that is on its way must also be an e-cigarette free generation. There is no room for e-cigarettes with all kinds of seductive, exotic flavours in this."