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E-cigarettes worth GBP 190,000 seized in Newcastle

22 Nov 2021. More than 2,000 boxes of e-cigarettes have been seized by the council from a former takeaway shop in the West End of Newcastle, reports Chronicle.

The illegal vapes contained more than twice the legal limit of nicotine and triggered an investigation after complaints that pupils were using them in school. One vape refill is equal to 125 cigarettes and could be toxic if consumed by children, the report said.

In the UK, it is illegal to sell e-liquids containing more than 20 mg/ml of nicotine. Most of the haul consisted of Elf and Geek Bar Pros with a nicotine content of 50 mg/ml - more than double the legal limit.

The 2,400 boxes were seized last week from a former takeaway shop in the West End of Newcastle, by Newcastle City Councilís trading standards team. It is estimated to be worth more than GBP 190,000.