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EU-wide snus ban to remain

21 Nov 2018. The European Court of Justice has announced that the sale of snus, the moist snuff tobacco product made by Swedish Match, will continue to be banned in all EU countries excluding Sweden after the ban on sale of the product was challenged in court, Reuters reported.

Swedish Match, the Swedish snus manufacturer, went before British courts to argue that new statistics show that the product has less adverse health effects than cigarettes and that the ban should be reconsidered and lifted, according to the report. The court case was eventually transferred to the European Court of Justice.

The ECJ’s Advocate General already made a statement in April supporting the validity of the ban on the sale of snus, which has been in place since 1992 across the EU.

Sweden, which joined the EU after the ban was in place, is the only EU country that is exempt from the ban.

A Swedish Match spokesperson said that they expected the outcome of the ruling, Reuters reported.