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Silver for BMJ

15 Dec 2016. On 4 November, Indonesian cigarette paper manufacturer BMJ celebrated its 25th company anniversary with an elaborate party and dinner in Karawang on the island of Java. The theme of the event was “Silver 2 Gold”, with BMJ ‧having loaded its first ever paper reel back in 1991.
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ITM Poland marks 25 years

15 Dec 2016. In 1991, just after the Iron Curtain fell, Arend Van der Sluis Sr from ITM Group travelled to Poland to meet with Andrzej Stanikowski. They soon founded the new subsidiary, ITM Poland. Not because of cheap labour, but because they both saw potential in developing new solutions.
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A look at WT Europe 2016

15 Dec 2016. Hamburg is home to major players both in the domestic and international tobacco markets. They include the country’s number two cigarette maker Reemstma, a unit of Imperial Brands, and the tobacco machinery maker Hauni, which is marking 70 years in business this year.
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