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Excise taxes on tobacco raised

02 Jan 2020. Excise duties on cigarettes and other tobacco products have been raised by the Russian government, reports TASS.

The taxes on cigarettes have been raised from RUB 1,890 (USD 30.55) to RUB 1,966 (USD 31.78) per 1,000 items plus 14.5 per cent of the estimated cost which is calculated on the base of the maximum retail price and may not be less than RUB 2,671 (USD 43.18).

According to TASS, excise tax on cigars has climbed from RUB 207 (USD 3.35) to RUB 215 (USD 3.48) per item and other types of tobacco such as pipe, chewing, shisha and snuff have seen a raise from RUB 3,050 (USD 49.30) to RUB 3,172 (USD 51.28) per kilogram.

Heated tobacco has also been affected by the raise, with heated tobacco products now being taxed at RUB 6,040 (USD 97.64) per kilogram up from RUB 5,808 (USD 93.89).