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Experts want tobacco-style warnings for e-cigs

09 Sep 2021. E-cigarettes should come with tobacco-style health warnings on the packaging, claims a group of public health experts in 15 countries, reports The Sun.

The experts said warnings on heated tobacco vapes “should not be softer” than real cigarettes, while e-cigarette manufacturers should make clear that scientists do not fully understand the dangers. They also want vaping to be banned in indoor public spaces, claiming it makes people more likely to return to smoking, the report said.

Nevertheless, health campaigners believe that the use of e-cigarettes should be encouraged as they are widely recognised as far safer than smoking tobacco.

Since 2008, it has been a legal requirement in the UK for tobacco packs to carry picture warnings, and health messages must now take up two-thirds of the pack. However, there are very limited regulations covering the sale of e-cigarettes in the UK.