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Extraction process strips nicotine from tobacco

20 Sep 2017. Radient Technologies, a company that extracts natural compounds from a range of biological materials, said it has developed a process that can remove more than 95 per cent of the nicotine in tobacco.

Nicotine was removed from various cured varieties without altering the physical appearance of the tobacco, said the company based in Edmonton. The extraction process has little impact on taste and shows potential for use on an industrial scale, Radient said.

"This project is the genesis of years of tobacco-specific research paired with our unique expertise in natural product extraction, and will allow us to introduce a suite of targeted designs, services, and manufacturing capability at a time when regulators are encouraging the development of innovative tobacco offerings." said Chief Executive Officer Denis Taschuk. "We look forward to working with global brands and producers in the introduction of new products to the tobacco space."

In July the US Food and Drug Administration indicated it would take a stricter regulatory approach toward nicotine because limiting the addictive agent could reduce user dependence on cigarettes and other tobacco products.