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FDA bans thousands of products – Juul ruling postponed

13 Sep 2021. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rejected applications for around 950,000 e-cigarette products but has delayed the decision on whether to ban Juul e-cigs, reports The Guardian.

The FDA had been ordered by a federal judge to make a decision on marketing applications from hundreds of e-cigarette companies after being successfully sued by anti-tobacco groups pushing for a tougher regulation on e-cigarette products. Companies were forced to send in applications to the FDA and show their products benefitted public health and provided help for adults looking to quit smoking rather than appealing to non-smoking teenagers.

The FDA has now banned thousands of vaping products, rejecting nearly 950,000 e-cigarettes and related products from numerous brands, predominantly because of their potential appeal to underage teens, reports The Guardian.

Previously, FDA regulators had said they would prioritize key market players such as Juul but none of the major companies were included in the agency’s announcement. The agency stated it needs more time to rule on Juul’s products and decide whether they will be banned or not.