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Fake Juul manufacturer busted

15 Feb 2021. Chinese authorities have taken down a manufacturer selling counterfeit Juul e-cigarettes abroad with the help of Juul Labs Inc., reports the New York Post.

Shenzhen Kang Erqiang Electronic Technology Co. had been selling the fake Juul vape devices and flavour pods under the name Sourvape Technology over 16 months starting in 2018. The fraudulent company had sold around USD 324,000 worth of counterfeit products in that time space, according to the New York Post.

“While these are the numbers Chinese authorities used in court during prosecution, actual sales could be far more significant,” said Adrian Punderson, Juul’s vice president of brand enforcement.

The Shenzhen operation had boasted in emails to retailers and distributors that it could easily replicate and produce Juul’s packaging. Juul learnt of those emails and started its own investigation into the operation before turning its findings over to the Chinese authorities.

According to Juul, it was not the first illegal operation it had clamped down on, having reportedly seized more than 600,000 counterfeit items worth around USD 4 million over the past year.

“As a leader in vapour technology, it is our obligation to support enforcement against illicit and illegal products as we strive to reset the vapour category and earn a license to operate in society,” Punderson said in a statement.