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Farmers to be paid within two days

09 May 2022. The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has released a statement to say that all farmers must be paid within two days after delivering their crops to auction, reports The Sunday Mail.

According to the TIMB, tobacco farmers will be paid within two days after delivering their crop to auction floors from now on, reports The Sunday Mail.

“This serves to notify all stakeholders that all tobacco growers are supposed to be paid within two days of completion of sales in accordance with Statutory Instrument (SI) 77 of 2022,” a TIMB statement read. “Tobacco growers, if you are not paid within the said period, immediately report to TIMB.”

In the past, farmers often had to wait several days to receive payment which meant that, rather than wait, some of them sold their crops to illegal buyers offering instant cash.

In an attempt to stop this illegal tobacco side-marketing, the government has started to put different regulations into place. Farmers who do not comply risk being fined or a jailed for a period or up to six months.