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Leaf & tobacco processing

Turkey leaf sales to crash after recent boom?

24 Mar 2014. Turkey enjoyed a boom year in 2013, with total tobacco production for the 2012 crop (purchased in 2013) up 52.6 per cent to 69,348 tonnes, according to data from Turkey’s Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority (Tütün ve Alkol Piyasası Düzenleme Kurumu – TAPDK).
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The evolution curve

24 Mar 2014. The role of the contract research laboratory or the contract research organisation (CRO) has changed over the years and continuously must redefine itself based on the changing needs of the tobacco industry. New regulations and standards, many as yet not even properly defined, will play a major role.
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Growth opportunities for US growers – domestic or overseas markets?

24 Mar 2014. Those involved in the US tobacco industry have heard so much about the need for an export market, but what about the domestic market? Is it still vital? Can manufacturers and growers survive with the current domestic market? Or do they need the export market?
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Greek oriental tobacco success through adversity

24 Mar 2014. Greek classical oriental tobacco withstood economic decoupling which was designed to remove tobacco cultivation from the EU. Provided the American blend cigarette lives on, there will always be a strong market for this unique aroma tobacco.
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Leaf perspectives

24 Mar 2014. Antonio Abrunhosa, Chief Executive of the International Tobacco Growers association (ITGA) on the successful institution of the World Tobacco Growers Day
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