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Leaf & tobacco processing

Leaf perspectives

29 Oct 2015. Growing tobacco offers stability in countries feeling the impact of slowing growth in places like China, writes Antonio Abrunhosa, chief executive of the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA).
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The case for foliar feeding

29 Oct 2015. Even absorption of nutrients improves tobacco leaf quality, but heavy rain or drought can alter the impact of solid fertilisers. Making more use of foliar feeding helps maintain the balance.
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Combating a root-knot pest

29 Oct 2015. Many growers in the US state of Georgia rotate their tobacco crop with peanuts. After years of this rotation pattern, some farmers have observed stunting, slow plant growth and, in severe cases, leaf margin necrosis known as rimfiring.
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Hunting a smokeless standard

29 Oct 2015. Use of dips and plugs up until two decades ago mostly was defined by folksy sayings like “never slap a man who’s chewing tobacco.” Since then regulators have developed rules as varied as the flavours in a moist-snuff product line. For some manufacturers, they're a slap in the face.
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