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Leaf & tobacco processing

Curing Zimbabwe leaf costs too many trees

23 Jun 2015. The scale of Zimbabwe’s reforestation programmes needs to vastly increase to counter decimation of the country’s forests due to tobacco curing, warns a leading agricultural expert.
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Zimbabwe’s FCV hits the buffers

23 Jun 2015. The recovery of Zimbabwe’s FCV (flue-cured Virginia) production continues unabated. But world oversupply, coupled with questions about the quality of the country's cured leaf, are sending all early economic indicators south.
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Flue-cured cuts – cause and effect

23 Jun 2015. With a new year for flue-cured tobacco growers, contract cuts by buyers are taking place and some individual cuts are steep. How big will be cuts be for growers, including those in Virginia? Will they be 15, 20, or even 25 per cent? And what can growers do to offset them?
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Leaf perspectives

23 Apr 2015. Antonio Abrunhosa, chief executive of the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) comments on the drive toward diversification and the phasing out of tobacco crops.
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