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Leaf & tobacco processing

Tobacco on a DIET?

03 Nov 2016. The DIET and IMPEX processes are used to treat tobacco leaf to improve its burning qualities and lower tar levels and can also reduce manufacturers’ volume of tobacco used by about 20–30 per cent. But the use of DIET depends largely upon the price and quality of the tobacco.
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De-bugging tobacco

03 Nov 2016. Some lose sleep over regulation, but the appropriately named cigarette beetle and tobacco moth are two equally persistent scourges of the tobacco industry. The industry has responded with advancements in the battle against these bugs.
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Building a future with FCV

03 Nov 2016. With the end of US government price supports, the US Tobacco Cooperative (USTC) lost its role as ‧domestic buyer of last resort and began a new life. Today the grower-owned business places a premium on quality and looks to markets abroad.
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Solar tobacco curing

03 Nov 2016. Tobacco growers have cured tobacco with conventional curing barns for years, and they are very much a part of the landscape today. For a number of years, growers have opted for solar curing barns. Let’s take a look at solar curing, its efficiency, cost and practicability.
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Integrating tobacco

03 Nov 2016. Tobacco farmers in the Philippines produce Virginia (FCV), burley and native/dark tobaccos within an increasingly integrated farming system. A highly profitable crop for Filipino farmers, ‧tobacco is also being used to help the country’s other crops.
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