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Leaf & tobacco processing

Leaf perspectives

09 Sep 2014. Antonio Abrunhosa, chief executive of the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) comments on the obsession of the WHO in all things tobacco regardless of the consequences.
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The year of black shank

09 Sep 2014. In the United States from Florida to Virginia, tobacco growers can see the symptoms of black shank disease or the death from it. Leaves or whole plants are yellow and wilted compared with healthy dark green ones.
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Trans Pacific Partnership agreement rattles ag leaders

09 Sep 2014. Tobacco is still an important commodity for agribusinesses and farmers in the United States, and “it has been a staple of North Carolina’s economy since colonial times,” says North Carolina Congressman Mike McIntyre from the state’s 7th District.
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Is the Zimbabwe recovery going too far and fast?

09 Sep 2014. Flue cured Virginia (FCV) continues to rebound in Zimbabwe. This year’s reported market season total of 205.5 kg is in striking distance of the 230 million kg weighed in by farmers 14 years ago. But the speed and extent of recovery appears to have come at a cost.
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