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Leaf & tobacco processing

Pest prevention

26 Apr 2017. There is a lot of tobacco stored in Antwerp, several hundred thousand tons according to one estimate. Though shipments arrive from just about anywhere on the planet where leaf is grown, the problem of controlling pests can be summed up in two words; tobacco beetle.
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Leaf perspectives

26 Apr 2017. It’s curious how society blurs ideological boundaries, writes António Abrunhosa of the International Tobacco Growers Association.
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Evans MacTavish launches cannabis make-pack

26 Apr 2017. Equipment specialist, Evans MacTavish, has taken its expertise in tobacco and applied it to ‧another recreational smoking pleasure. The company’s new Cannabis Cigarette Make-Pack Production Line has been designed to meet growing demand for legal green smokes.
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Changing face of Uganda

26 Apr 2017. Some of the world’s finest burley is grown in Uganda but the country’s leaf processing capability took a hit when BAT left in 2014. Things may be changing for the better. This May a processing plant operated by Meridian Tobacco Co. (MTC) is scheduled to be formally unveiled.
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Precision packing

26 Apr 2017. Blending, threshing, casing and drying represent time and money. Those are some reasons why accurate weighing is important when the processed tobacco leaves primary. Equally important is automating without unnecessary damage to tobacco quality.
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Oversupply fears dampen outlook

26 Apr 2017. US tobacco growers will likely see the ugly side of supply and demand this year as a strong Brazilian crop moves to saturate flue-cured markets. Largely reliant on exports, US growers will have to focus on their strengths, writes Rocky Womack.
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Watershed for Indian FCV?

26 Apr 2017. Quota reductions for the FCV crop may have done the Indian market a favour. Tobacco sales were substantially higher at this year’s auctions in the tobacco growing state of Karnataka. In Andhra Pradesh, where auctions open later, growers are hopeful that the trend will continue.
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