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Leaf & tobacco processing

Higher prices for Burley in Malawi

28 Aug 2017. Malawi’s light air-cured burley farmers were hit hard in 2016 by lower prices and a drop in revenue as they maintained production in the face of falling market demand. A smaller crop in 2017 appears, however, to have stabilised the situation. Fourteen weeks into the selling season, and burley prices are around 15 per cent higher than at the same point in 2016.
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Leaf perspectives

28 Aug 2017. The future of tobacco production is mostly dependent on the global consumption of tobacco products because alternative uses of tobacco, for instance, bio-fuels, drug- or papermaking have not taken off.
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Chop Chop: Australia’s illegal leaf

28 Aug 2017. Fine-cut tobacco leaf accounts for more than half of all illicit tobacco in Australia. Growing tobacco has been illegal in the country since 2006 but a string of high-profile crop seizures show that ‘Chop Chop’, as black market fine-cut tobacco is known, is not only coming in by sea.
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Recon. will rebound, says STI

28 Aug 2017. Jason Hwang, Star Tobacco Internationals group recon. and North East Asia manager, is confident about future growth opportunities for reconstituted tobacco. He says the company is working around oversupply issues to focus on growth markets.
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African growers demand government support

28 Aug 2017. In the absence of viable alternative crops and as demand for tobacco products continues to fall, growers in Africa are concerned for their future. At the ITGA Africa Regional Meeting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in June, they asked governments to open a line of formal dialogues to discuss these challenges.
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