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Leaf & tobacco processing

Remove O2 and kill pests

25 Apr 2018. Tobacco beetles and tobacco moths are a nuisance when it comes to stored tobacco. Eric Van der Zwet, sales manager at the Dutch-based company, Besseling Group, spoke to TJI about ‧Controlled Atmosphere (CA), an alternative treatment to traditional fumigants for tobacco pest control.
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Luring in pests with sex

25 Apr 2018. TJI spoke to two of the industry’s leading manufacturers of pheromone traps for cigarette beetles and tobacco moths. The experts gave advice on the best integrated approach to control these bothersome bugs.
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Star expands activities

25 Apr 2018. Star Agritech International (SAI) supplies tobacco leaf, derivatives and more to smaller manufacturers and monopolies. But meeting the growing demand for derivatives is not the only major project going on at the company, as TJI discovered on a recent visit to Istanbul ...
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Processing demand in 2018

25 Apr 2018. 2017 was a tricky year in the business of supplying tobacco processing equipment, but 2018 is shaping up to be better, according to two companies based on two different continents. We asked them what they expect for 2018 and what is driving demand.
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Finding hidden potential

25 Apr 2018. Riedel Filtertechnik specialises in solutions that make processing and production plants more profitable. Making the best use of raw materials and cutting energy costs are two key focuses for Riedel’s solutions for tobacco, and it says there is still much advancement to be made in this area.
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Greek industry rallies against setbacks

25 Apr 2018. The economic crisis, anti-smoking legislation, increased product taxation and new tax regimes for producers are taking their toll on the Greek manufactured tobacco and leaf sectors. The industry is rallying against this series of setbacks, reports Michael Kosmides from Athens.
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India stands with farmers

25 Apr 2018. The Indian government and Tobacco Board demonstrated renewed confidence in flue-cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco when it increased certain authorised crop sizes last year – a bold move that puts farmers first, despite pressure from the anti-tobacco lobby.
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Altria reports volume slip

25 Apr 2018. Altria, owner of Philip Morris USA and the largest manufacturer of tobacco products in the US, ‧reported sharp slips in volume for its flagship Marlboro brand, as well as other premium- and discount-brand cigarettes over 2017. Smokeless sales were better for the major buyer of US-grown FCV and burley tobaccos.
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Brazil's importance waning

25 Apr 2018. The importance of Brazil as the world’s top supplier of internationally-traded tobacco leaf and manufactured products has been waning for the past decade, with India, notably, improving its position, according to the latest World Trade Organisation (WTO) figures.
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US growers talk heated tobacco

25 Apr 2018. As major tobacco companies invest in next generation products (NGPs), growers in the US are questioning what impact heated tobacco products will have on cigarette consumption and crop production in the US. Growers want to see US leaf in the sticks, says Rocky Womack.
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