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Leaf & tobacco processing

The dark horse Pakistan

23 Oct 2017. Like other tobacco origins, Pakistan’s crop has experienced a recent downturn in production, export volume and earnings. And yet Pakistan’s crop looks better placed than most, due to the range of tobaccos grown and strong domestic ‧demand – a dark horse in the tobacco stakes?
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Don't let the pests bug you

23 Oct 2017. ... says Eric van der Zwet, sales manager at Dutch company Besseling Group which specialises in controlled atmosphere (CA) solutions that disinfest ‧tobacco and other commodities. Van der Zwet says the company’s solution is simple – low oxygen kills pests.
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Introducing Leaf & More

23 Oct 2017. This year’s InterSupply fair welcomed leaf merchants from Poland, Thailand and China. Yet the most exotic newcomer of all was Leaf & More from Belgium. Why? Because it is run by two women.
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Exploring niche markets

23 Oct 2017. Parvomay BT is a private tobacco trading and processing company named after the central Bulgarian town in which its headquarters and processing facilities are located. The company’s expertise in green leaf threshing and blending has seen it grow quickly to seek out new markets.
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Preventing the wilt virus

23 Oct 2017. Tobacco farmers in the Carolinas and Georgia reported accounts of  Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus on plants in early 2017. In this article, three extension tobacco specialists give instructions on how to prevent and manage the impact of the virus on crops in the future.
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