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Leaf & tobacco processing

Still turning a profit?

26 Feb 2020. In TJI’s June-July 2019 issue, it was reported that tobacco production levels in Zimbabwe were predicted to drop for the 2019 season. Zimbabwe has been growing tobacco commercially for 121 years and the 2018 season broke the record for the highest levels of tobacco ever sold. However, one month into 2019, sales had dropped by around 35 per cent. That, in conjunction with drought-delayed planting and damage caused by Cyclone Idai, made for a poor forecast at the beginning of the 2019 selling season.
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Paving the way for a new kind of cigarette?

26 Feb 2020. “Since coffee without caffeine and beer without alcohol are commercially available, why aren’t ‧tobacco cigarettes without nicotine a choice for consumers?” This was the question that Joseph Pandolfino, founder of 22nd Century Limited, LLC, first asked as part of a research project focusing on nicotine biosynthesis in the tobacco plant. Read on to see how the question was answered.
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New Zealanders to vote on legal cannabis

26 Feb 2020. When New Zealanders go to the polls on 19 September, they will be asked to vote in a referendum on the legalisation of the recreational use of cannabis. Businesses and entrepreneurs are said to be bracing for a new market that would net at least NZD 200 million (USD 131.9 million) in annual tax revenues alone. But the threat of vested corporate interests, of an emergent “Big Marijuana” is one of the arguments being used by those campaigning against a law change.
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DIET at its best

26 Feb 2020. At World Tobacco Asia in late 2019, the booth housing SanGroup International was particularly busy. It was here that many visitors and professionals met in a pleasant atmosphere to network and do business. Continue reading to get an overview of SanGroup’s services and philosophy.
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Over 100 years of Oriental

26 Feb 2020. A global player when it comes to Oriental tobacco, Missirian has been in business for over 100 years. TJI spoke to President and Managing Director Nikolaos Tzoumas about changes in the industry and growing classic Oriental tobacco.
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Happy growers, happy customers

26 Feb 2020. Hong Kong-based company Prestige Leaf has been a global player in the tobacco leaf business since 2016. The young company believes in providing high quality products at a low cost, making sure customers and growers are both equally happy with the processes and results. TJI spoke to Zafer Atici, owner and managing director of Prestige Leaf.
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A family affair

26 Feb 2020. With a history of 93 years in the tobacco sector, family business Nicos Gleoudis Kavex S.A. is a pioneer in the industry, purchasing, exporting and processing all types of tobacco. TJI spoke to Managing Director Dora Gleoudis about facing challenges, customer satisfaction and the importance of good farmer relationships.
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Oriental tobacco: Small leaf, large impact

26 Feb 2020. Oriental tobacco is one of the most exclusive and expensive types of tobacco and continues to be in high demand worldwide. While the sweet and highly aromatic leaf is mostly used for cigarette blends, a whole new market has opened up with heat-not-burn (HnB) and shisha blends, as well as e-liquids relying on Oriental tobacco for flavour.
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