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Leaf & tobacco processing

Leaf transportation woes

26 Apr 2019. Tobacco is cultivated in many countries and regions across the world, including the US, the Caucasus and China. Long transportation routes that stretch across these regions make transporting raw tobacco leaf challenging.
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Endless tapes

26 Apr 2019. Garniture tapes are a vital element in cigarette production and are part of the most highly stressed components of cigarette making machines. Tape manufacturer Ahmed & Sons from Pakistan has been providing high quality tapes for almost 50 years.
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A new name in belts

26 Apr 2019. Two of the world‘s leading experts in belting technology – Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne Group – have joined forces to find even better solutions for customers worldwide. In December 2018, they announced a new corporate name for their joint operations: Ammega.
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Keep on moving

26 Apr 2019. No industry tolerates stagnation. Manufacturers of tobacco conveyor belt systems are continuing to find new ways to move smoothly through the industry’s transition. TJI spoke to one of the world’s major players in the tobacco belts field to check how they see the current state of play in the sector.
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It started with a mill

26 Apr 2019. In idyllic Swabia, southwest of Bavaria, a small mechanical workshop has become a leading technology provider in the fields of powder and particle processing. Hosokawa Alpine talks with TJI about its development in the tobacco sector and takes a look into the future.
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Momentum in slicing and dicing

26 Apr 2019. GK Tobacco, the Germany-based tobacco primary machine and tobacco processing specialist, has some fresh new developments. General Manager, Ewald Rosskamp spoke to TJI about its bale ‧infeed relaunch, and explained why horizontal slicers are the best option for handling all types of tobacco.
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Putting Zimbabwe‘s FVC on the map

26 Apr 2019. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, the mid-sized tobacco merchant Sub Sahara Tobacco is looking forward to flue-cured Virginia‘s (FCV) bright future in Zimbabwe. Managing Director Getmore Mangundu spoke to TJI about Zimbabwe‘s tobacco production and its current focus.
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A flourishing business from the ‘Kingdom of Tobacco’

26 Apr 2019. Yunnan – southwest Chinese province is the largest tobacco growing region in the country and the home of KSEC, a growing tobacco machinery supplier with more than 40 years of expertise.
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Institute halts child labour in tobacco

26 Apr 2019. The Switzerland-based Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing Foundaton (ECLT) has helped eliminate child labour in tobacco growing since 2002. TJI spoke with Nicolas McCoy, the Director of Advocacy, Partnership & Engagement at ECLT, about the current challenges and opportunities facing the foundation.
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Independent leaf

26 Apr 2019. While the global leaf tobacco trade is dominated by large multinationals, independent suppliers are closing a gap through fast response times and the flexibility to fulfil specialized and smaller orders. TJI spoke to Prestige Leaf, a Hong Kong based company which is expanding its business around the globe.
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Disease control in tobacco nurseries

26 Apr 2019. Plant nurseries growing soft-stemmed seedlings for non-woody field crops are at high risk of disease and damage operations – tobacco nurseries are no exception. This holds true whether tobacco seedlings are grown in greenhouses or outside, and in traditional soil-based seedbeds or in hydroponic float-bed systems, writes Dr Terry Mabbett.
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Carrying on the Old Belt tradition

26 Apr 2019. Jay Barker, President of the Virginia-based tobacco supplier JEB International Tobacco recently gave TJI an update on US tobacco leaf production and information about how the environment is changing for full-service tobacco suppliers.
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