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Manufacturing & technology

Tailor-made tapes

03 Jan 2022. Ahmed & Sons was founded in 1970 and has been manufacturing high quality garniture tapes and suction tapes for the tobacco industry ever since. TJI finds out what makes the Pakistan-based company so successful and what is new.
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New building, same values

03 Jan 2022. Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG produces and sells all kinds of different belts and tapes under the “Esband” brand. Recently, the company moved into its new modern headquarters and is already busy working on innovations set to take the industry by storm.
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The layperson’s guide to belts and belting

03 Jan 2022. There is no such thing as a simple conveyor belt in the tobacco industry. These are high-tech parts that need to be regularly replaced to ensure the smoothness and efficacy of production lines. Here is a quick guide to the components that ensure everything runs smoothly in tobacco processing.
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Trade body calls for EU TPD improvements

03 Jan 2022. The International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) is calling for improvements to a directive that controls the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products in the European Union.
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Experts at your service

03 Jan 2022. Anyone on the lookout for critical wear and spare parts can count on Spikker Specials to provide the perfect solution. The Dutch company has been in business for almost 60 years, continuously extending its product range to fit the times while remaining competitive on costs.
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Getting it fixed

03 Jan 2022. Nothing lasts forever, even high-quality tobacco machinery – which makes the rebuilds and spare parts sector a continuously profitable one.
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PMI moves its headquarters to Stamford

03 Jan 2022. Philip Morris International (PMI) has announced that its new corporate headquarters will be located in the heart of Stamford, Connecticut, and is expected to open in summer 2022.
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Russian Health Ministry’s Conceptual Plan

03 Jan 2022. Plans for the regulation of tobacco and other nicotine products are once again being put forward by the Russian government. TJI correspondent Maxim Korolev gives a closer insight into what is going on.
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New investment at MMP PPC

03 Jan 2022. Harman Vorenkamp is the Head of Product Development BU Cigarette at MM Packaging, which acquired TANN Group, one of the industry’s leading tipping paper experts, three years ago. Harman Vorenkamp spoke to TJI about MMP’s Premium Printing Center (PPC) and its new digital printing machine for cigarette packs.
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Going beyond tobacco

03 Jan 2022. NewCo PRO addresses environmental issues such as recyclable alternatives to plastic, pocket ashtrays to protect nature from littering cigarette filters, and providing access to clean water. TJI finds out more about the new company.
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