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Manufacturing & technology

Belts to go the distance

26 Apr 2017. Manufacturers of tobacco conveyor belt systems are continuing to find new ways to keep their belts clean and the tobacco on them uncontaminated. This year has seen leading companies focus even more on production optimisation and operating efficiency.
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Industry voices 4.0

26 Apr 2017. Industry 4.0 means widely varying things to the hundreds of companies that make up the tobacco industry supply chain. We asked a selection what 4.0 means to them, how it affects their manufacturing operations and where they think the revolution will take us.
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Factory of the future

26 Apr 2017. How exactly will factory operations change as Industry 4.0 technologies are implemented in the manufacturing process? TJI asked Hauni, well-known supplier of machinery and technologies to the tobacco industry, what it thinks the factory of the future will look like and, most importantly, how it will function.
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