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Millions spent on tobacco

14 May 2018. Census data indicates that individuals who smoke and live in the Northland region spend an average of NZD 7,391 (EUR 4,304) per year on tobacco, according to a press release by Northland's District Health Board which was cited in Scoop.

In an effort to raise awareness about how much residents of Northland spend on tobacco products annually, the organisation Toki Rau Stop Smoking Services Northland calculated the cost of smoking per year in the region using Northland census data.

Data showed that the 19.1 per cent of people in Northland who smoke spend about NZD 147 million (EUR 86 million) on tobacco per year combined, according to Scoop. The average number of cigarettes consumed daily was estimated to be about 15 cigarettes. The cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes was estimated to be NZD 27.

The Toki Rau organisation said it would burn a cheque made out in the amount spent on tobacco at Te Matau Pohe Bridge in Whangareit on 16 May to demonstrate how much money is being burnt up in smoke in the region, Scoop reported.