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Packaging & design

Terichem becomes Tatrafan

27 Feb 2017. The Slovakian-Finnish manufacturer of BOPP films has a new moniker. This change is part of a new strategy to expand the company’s film production line and serve the growing flexible packaging market in Eastern Europe. Tim Glogan spoke with Sales ‧Director BOPP Films, Peter Husak, to find out more.
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More "bling" for Indian packs

27 Feb 2017. With the introduction of graphic health warnings covering 85 per cent of packs and the demonetisation of the 500 and 1000 rupee banknotes, the Indian tobacco industry has not had an easy ride recently. But how have these challenges affected those in the packaging sector? And what kinds of solutions can they offer ‧tobacco companies? TJI spoke to Akshay Kanoria, executive director of leading Indian paperboard converter TCPL, to find out more.
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AMD joins API

27 Feb 2017. Amsterdam Metallized Products (AMD) is a leader in the transfer of high-gloss metallised materials to packaging. In December, the Dutch company joined API Group, a UK-based specialist in holography, hot-stamping foils and laminates with more than a dozen locations around the globe.
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Tear tape gets technical

27 Feb 2017. These days, tear tape offers hi-tech functions for brand security. TJI spoke to Essentra’s Tiffany Overstreet, global category director, and Sarah Rutland, global product manager authentication, to find out about the company’s layered approach.
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Strong year for stamps

27 Feb 2017. The International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) believes 2017 will see growth in tax stamps driven by revenue securing among emerging economies. This statement from the industry trade body follows a warning that proposed superseding of stamps in the EU will come at a price.
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Make your own packaging

27 Feb 2017. Newcomer to the tobacco packaging industry, Optima has developed a machine to allow MYO manufacturers to produce their packaging in-house. According to the company, the technology reduces the costs of warehousing and transportation and even benefits the environment.
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