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Patent approval for nicotine pouch innovation

01 Sep 2020. Sting Free AB's nicotine pouch that aims to remove the stinging sensation from users' gums has received patent approval in the US, according to the company's press release.

The patent application for Sting Free AB’s award-winning nicotine pouch innovation has been approved by the United States Patent Office (USPAT) with the European Patent Organization (EPO) issuing an intention to grant the European patent for 39 nations.

The patent covers a new and improved pouch technology wherein one side of the pouch is impermeable to liquids. This innovation removes the stinging sensation on the users’ gums that is often cited as the number one deterrent for new users of oral nicotine products. According to the press release, products that can utilize the technology include snus, moist snuff, tobacco-free nicotine pouches and CBD. In addition, the technology also allows manufacturers to enhance flavours, pH levels and nicotine release profiles of their pouch products.

“We foresee that the already impressive market growth for pouched products containing nicotine will increase substantially, when more manufacturers and brands adopt our Sting Free technology,” says Sting Free AB, CEO Bengt Wiberg.

According to the press release, smokeless tobacco products are estimated to generate USD 15.6 billion globally in 2020, expected to increase to USD 22.2 billion by 2025.