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Plain packaging law passed

14 May 2018. The federal government has passed the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act which will introduce standardised packaging for tobacco products and regulate new tobacco products, such as vapour products, marketing and advertising news organisation Strategy reported.

Bill S-5 was introduced to the Senate in 2016 and will impose plain packaging regulations on tobacco products, but also new regulations on the sale and promotion of vapour products and other “alternative tobacco products”. The legislation does not ban advertising of these new tobacco products on billboards, television, radio, social media, or advertising in print media and at point-of-sale, but does prevent companies from making comparisons between smoke-free alternatives and cigarettes in marketing material, Strategy said.

The changes will come into effect 180 days after Bill S-5 receives royal assent to become law.

Health Canada believes standardised packaging for tobacco products will reduce their appeal to young adults and children, while the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco has said the legislation will lead to increases in contraband tobacco sales, the organisation said.