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Styling up the waterpipe

07 Mar 2018. A balance of ancient and modern, tradition and innovation, the shisha industry faces a unique challenge in the shape-shifting world of tobacco and nicotine. TJI caught up with some of the biggest names in the sector to find out what’s been keeping them occupied over the past year.
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Tradition meets innovation

07 Mar 2018. Within six years, Mazaya has become one of the leading shisha tobacco brands in the world. TJI asked Brand Manager Rawan Elayyan how the company has managed to get ahead in this deeply traditional yet terrifically cutting-edge market.
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Heated competition in Korea

07 Mar 2018. South Korea is set to be the next big HNB battleground for Big Tobacco. But market conditions could be tough as higher taxes are imposed and Korean tobacco giant, KT&G, enters the fray. KT&G’s lil may prove a far less diminutive opponent than its name suggests …
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A Facebook for smokers

07 Mar 2018. There are over 731 million mobile internet users in China – about the same as the population of Europe. There are also around 350 million smokers. Bring these two demographics together and you’ve got a BIG business, as internet technology company JuanJuan is discovering …
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Did it heat or really burn?

07 Mar 2018. Were PMI scientists thrown into the lions’ den? Dr John Lauterbach explores why PMI‘s IQOS submission was not received favourably at the FDA’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) meeting on 24 and 25 January.
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