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Products & trends

The name game

29 Jun 2017. The hunt for product descriptions that will sell e-liquids and hookah accessories to a mostly young audience has moved beyond names of fruits and berries, herbs or spices to monikers that convey moods, feelings or lifestyles.
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Investing in Asia

29 Jun 2017. What do you get when you combine a paper mill, a strategic location and a young, highly-skilled and motivated workforce? The answer is delfort’s  Wattens Vietnam paper mill. TJI visited the site two years after acquisition to check out the group’s continued investment in tobacco, and in Asia.
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Packaging the future

29 Jun 2017. There were novelties aplenty at this year’s Interpack fair, but only a few bore a direct relation to the tobacco and vaping industries. From top-notch e-liquid caps to print inspection technology that doesn’t miss a trick, here’s a quick rundown.
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Making pure filters

29 Jun 2017. We recently reported that McAirlaid’s Vliesstoffe is a new entrant in the filters category. It turns out this is not entirely true. McAirlaid’s attended its first tobacco expo in 2011, in Munich. The WT Asia show in Jakarta in May was the company’s second tobacco show appearance. There, McAirlaid’s representatives’ talk of a “pure cellulose” approach to filters was turning heads…
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Smoke, but no smoking gun

29 Jun 2017. Even before the FDA gained authority to regulate tobacco in the US, it was claimed the agency would finally find the ‘smoking gun’ ingredients that make certain brands and types of cigarettes popular. After countless ingredients and substantial equivalence reports, they’re still looking…
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The secret sauce

29 Jun 2017. Up to 100 different ingredients make up the ‘special sauce’ that gives kreteks their unique and often closely-guarded flavour. So what is the secret to a good kretek and how has one European flavour house managed to become a connoisseur?
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Chinese packaging group looks abroad

29 Jun 2017. Jinjia Group is the largest supplier of packaging to China Tobacco. TJI spoke to Deputy General manager, Vincent Wang, to find out more about the company’s product, and plans.
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Forget the liquids; it’s the nicotine

29 Jun 2017. Mitch Zeller, head of the Food and Drug Administration’s Centre for Tobacco Products (CTP), has issued a call for US regulators to focus more on the overall impact of nicotine addiction than on whether products using e-liquids are less harmful than cigarettes.
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Something special on the end of a stick

29 Jun 2017. Those who make filters say the market looks buoyant, especially when it comes to speciality filters. Demand is growing for filters that enhance flavour and visually embellish the consumer end of a cigarette stick.
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The tip of the iceberg

29 Jun 2017. A global supplier of tipping paper, Tann Group’s product portfolio caters for a variety of markets. The company has also made diversification a focus in response to consumer trends. Smokers are responding well to innovative, stand-out products, the company told TJI, particularly in Asia.
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Sweetening kretek tips

29 Jun 2017. UK-based maker of adhesive and flavour applications systems, SPI, launched a new machine at the WT Asia show in Jakarta. The machine prints sweetener solution onto tipping paper, popular on kreteks, and solves issues of even application, the company says.
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Hengfeng serious about paper

29 Jun 2017. Based in Heilongjiang province in northern China, Hengfeng Paper is celebrating 65 years of supplying paper products to the tobacco industry. General Manager Xingjiang Guan spoke to TJI about the company and its focus on development.
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