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Products & trends

Shedding light on OCB

23 Oct 2017. Ultra-transparent paper and efforts to protect the brand have been drivers of change at Republic Technologies. The company introduced new and revamped OCB products and product authentication technology to the RYO sector at InterTabac 2017.
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A Spanish paper trail

23 Oct 2017. You may be aware of the principal role the Spanish played in bringing tobacco, and its cultivation, to Europe; but did you know that they are also responsible for the invention of rolling paper? With a history dating back to 18th century Alcoy, Spain, ‘Pay-Pay’ is widely believed to be the world’s oldest rolling paper brand. The company which makes it today believes that to tell the story of Pay-Pay is to tell the story of rolling paper itself...
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Trends in tobacco

23 Oct 2017. A decade ago, it might have been fair to say the only constant in tobacco is volume decline. But, as this press briefing on trends in the industry in the last twelve months shows, the new constant in tobacco is change and it’s being driven by new products.
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Is nicotine the wronged stimulant

23 Oct 2017. The FDA could be heading down the wrong path by naming and shaming nicotine. For one, the agency’s strategy would embrace high nicotine-delivery tobacco products which could appeal to former smokers. At the very least, new science will be needed, writes Dr John Lauterbach.
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Vape domination

23 Oct 2017. The world’s largest vaping company, BAT is poised to take over the world’s largest vaping market, the US. With market-leader VUSE now in its arsenal, and the US FDA set to adopt a more lenient approach to vapour product regulation, is global domination of the vapour product category just around the corner?
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RYO retains cult status in EU

23 Oct 2017. “Can you, um… roll me one of those, cowboy?” Seeing Vincent Vega roll a smoke for Miss Mia Wallace in the 1994 film, Pulp Fiction, may have led some smokers to try their hand at RYO. How many? It’s impossible to say. But we can assume the majority who did lived in Western Europe.
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Multiplying paper possibilities

23 Oct 2017. Gizeh extended its already diverse range of rolling papers when it launched a new two-in-one papers and tips pack at InterTabac in Dortmund. Consumer demand for diversity has become the leading motivation for developing new products, the company says.
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