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Products & trends

Advanced laser technology

27 Jun 2019. Tipping paper perforation is important both for regulatory reasons and for the smooth smoking experience. TJI spoke to Head of Sales and Marketing of MLT, Axel Näther, to learn more about the current situation and the future of the industry.
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Think outside the paper

27 Jun 2019. Driven by vision and the aim to excel, BMJ has been serving customers in the tobacco industry worldwide since its foundation. Now, it is time to rise. James Adhitya Setiawan from the BMJ marketing department explains why it is so important to provide best service.
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Moving up the value chain

27 Jun 2019. Offering customers extremely short lead times, exclusive and high quality tipping paper designs in small batches allows brands to stay ahead of the competition, according to tipping paper expert delfort. The company informed TJI that it had now added paper surface treatment for tipping paper to its line of specialties through its recent acquisition of Benkert Group.
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Focusing inside the box

27 Jun 2019. Plug wrap and tipping paper have come a long way since the 1950s when cigarette filters and filter paper materials first began being widely marketed and manufactured throughout the industry. Now more than ever, tipping paper design plays a crucial role in consumer engagement and brand enhancement.
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Filters of the future

27 Jun 2019. In the near future, tobacco companies in the EU will be required to cover a portion of the costs for public collection and recycling of cigarette butts, which have been named one of most littered single-use plastic items on European beaches. What will the new European directive mean for filter innovation in Europe?
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Green filters for hemp cigarettes

27 Jun 2019. McAirlaid’s, the binder free absorption material manufacturer, recently caught up with TJI to give an update on the reception of its biodegradable Genia filter since its launch the filter in 2018. The company also had some other big news: it will be embarking on its first commercial launch in a new segment– hemp tobacco cigarettes.
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Greenbutts take on cigarette stubs

27 Jun 2019. Tadas Lisauskas, president and co-founder of California-based Greenbutts which developed a filter that is made from natural food-grade fibres, recently spoke to TJI about its take on filter litter.
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Synergy in filter making

27 Jun 2019. Loh Pei Ying, marketing analyst at ‧Essentra, recently spoke to TJI about how the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive is impacting the filter industry. The company says the stipulations in the directive may not be all that bad for the filter segment.
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Nostalgia in a bottle

27 Jun 2019. No matter whether you are a consumer or a business person dealing with e-liquids, you can‘t get past the Dinner Lady brand. TJI took a closer look behind the colourful façade and spoke to Head of Marketing, Haroon Rashid, about the company’s rapid developments and new trends.
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27 Jun 2019. With traditional tobacco products being affected more and more by regulations and declining numbers of smokers worldwide, the spirit in the flavours industry is far from despondent. Quite the contrary! The makers of flavours love the challenge of new ideas – after all, they are a highly creative industry. TJI talked to three of the biggest names in tobacco flavours to discuss the latest trends and their future visions.
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Paradise for non-smokers?

27 Jun 2019. The island state of Hawaii is regarded as a pioneer in the fight against smoking in the US. Now, lawmakers want to go one step further and completely ban flavoured electronic cigarette liquids and even general cigarette sales in the future.
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