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Sacked for vaping

22 Nov 2021. A survey has revealed claims that vapers have been sacked for vaping at work while others have been discriminated against, reports Manchester Evening News.

E-Cigarette Direct, a vaping retailer, carried out a nationwide survey ‘Vaping in the Workplace Study’ which revealed that thirteen employees claim they were fired for vaping at work while 224 respondents claimed they had been bullied or discriminated against for vaping at work.

It is legal to vape inside, however the survey found that 75 per cent of vapers are not allowed to vape at work - unless in dedicated smoking areas, reports Manchester Evening News. Public Health England guidance (now UK Health Security Agency), however, states: “...vapers should not be required to use the same space as smokers, as this could undermine their ability to quit smoking and stay smokefree, particularly among those most heavily addicted.”

80 of the survey’s respondents said they had been asked to declare if they vaped during job interviews with 41 people suspecting they had been refused the job because of vaping. Almost 1 in 5 respondents said that colleagues had reacted negatively to them vaping, while 44 said they had been bullied because of vaping, according to Manchester Evening News.

“It is quite shocking to learn people have actually lost their jobs due to vaping. It is also concerning many people have experienced bullying and discrimination,” said James Dunworth, chairman of E-Cigarette Direct.

“Vaping in the workplace is a little-explored area so we devised our study to help understand the challenges faced by vapers in the working world, and gather data to help employers make informed decisions to aid staff retention, health and morale,” he said.


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