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Silver for BMJ

15 Dec 2016. On 4 November, Indonesian cigarette paper manufacturer BMJ celebrated its 25th company anniversary with an elaborate party and dinner in Karawang on the island of Java. The theme of the event was “Silver 2 Gold”, with BMJ ‧having loaded its first ever paper reel back in 1991.

As many in the tobacco industry know, BMJ is one company which knows how to mark an occasion. Attendees at WT Asia in Jakarta in April 2016 would have been ill-advised to not attend the BMJ-sponsored dinner on the Jakarta waterfront complete with dancing, singing and sand painting performances. BMJ’s 25th anniversary party followed this tune to an even more celebratory extent.

However, as company CEO Omar Rahmanadi points out, BMJ has been all too ready to help others in the industry mark their milestones and successes while tending to neglect its own. This is due to the hard-working nature of the company and its staff, Rahmanadi says.

“By looking at the fact that this celebration was the first anniversary celebration ever since we were established, you can say that we have been working relentlessly for the benefit of our customers – so that we forgot about our own anniversaries along the way,” Rahmanadi said. “However, as Nelson Mandela said, ‘Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.’ We understand that the global cigarette industry is changing fast. With an increasingly more difficult environment to do business, cigarette companies need to have reliable long term partners to be able to cope with stricter regulations and more demanding consumers. To prepare for such a challenging road ahead, celebrating milestones is in order,” Rahmanadi said.

In attendance were BMJ staff, business partners and clients. As any RYO consumer well knows, it is exceedingly difficult to roll a cigarette without cigarette papers and therefore it only makes sense that a successful cigarette paper manufacturer such as BMJ plays a uniting role among factions of the tobacco industry supply chain. The event was well attended by a number of representatives from different sectors of the global tobacco industry.

We also asked Rahmanadi what he sees in the future for BMJ, having reached, and marked, the 25 year milestone. “To abide by our valued culture,” he answered, “we are one, led by integrity, learning and sharing – and [our efforts to] wow the customer. We are never satisfied and expect to give more for the next 25 years and beyond to our business partners,” he said.

“We will maintain our focus on supplying the cigarette industry, because we believe that this industry will still prevail in the foreseeable future. To cope with rapid changes in the industry, we will make ourselves more agile, through investments in R&D, supply chain, and information technology,” Rahmanadi said.