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Going mainstream

28 Aug 2017. The quit or die mindset is losing face. Health groups and cigarette makers are pushing for tobacco harm reduction, and even the FDA has changed its tune. But reduced risk products remain in their infancy, with habits shifting slowly in just a few high-income nations. Taking them to the masses will require some out of the box thinking. Or will it?
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ZYN simplifies next gen

28 Aug 2017. Swedish Match launched ZYN in the US around three years ago and recently in Sweden. In shape and form, ZYN is a lot like the oral tobacco product Swedish snus. But taking tobacco out of the pouches is an additional step for tobacco harm reduction, the company says.
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Harm reduction for whom?

28 Aug 2017. PMI wants smokers to heat, not burn, Marlboros. Big Tobacco is busy bringing ‘next gen’ products which imitate smoking, to more Asian markets – for a price. But Asia’s tobacco users are diverse in taste, not to mention means. For scores of them, current reduced risk products are not worth chewing, over and those that would be are banned.
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Less nicotine, more uncertainty

28 Aug 2017. Will a sea change in policy direction by one of the world’s leading tobacco regulators, the US FDA, prove the tipping point in transforming reduced risk products from marginal to mass appeal? And what does it all mean for the tobacco industry?
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Building bridges

28 Aug 2017. This year’s Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) extended an olive branch to the tobacco industry. Tobacco harm reduction (THR) advocates and cigarette makers are now on the same side, working together to combat the ‘bad regulation’ hindering the spread of reduced risk products. So could this alliance be the key to getting harm reduction to the masses?
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