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Illicit tobacco in Russia

24 Feb 2017. Cigarette output is down and officials are quick to point to stiffer restrictions on tobacco products and their use. Though the restrictions are real, the real reasons behind the drop are as grey as the market that caters to the needs of consumers tired of forking out more for legal wares.
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Seeking a balance for illicit trade

24 Feb 2017. Raising the value of tobacco products via higher excise duties lures black marketeers who smell higher profits. Though the need for an enforcement counterweight is recognised by even staunch opponents of the tobacco trade, more needs to be done.
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Finding the grey stick

24 Feb 2017. Romania has cut the size of its grey market by half in recent years, but that 50 per cent represents some five billion cigarettes. Though legal cigarettes are fairly inexpensive, wages are low and those who earn them turn to the grey market to stretch their paychecks.
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Stopped at the source

24 Feb 2017. Commonly known as the EU anti-fraud office or by the acronym OLAF, this agency has a tobacco and alcohol unit with a long arm. OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler recommends a united approach to leverage European influence with foreign authorities to stop illicit production at its source.
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