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Sizing up 2017

30 Dec 2016. It has not been a good year for international organisations, including the one that proposes tobacco control measures for the rest of the world to implement. The following Special section looks at some of those developments, and what they mean for the coming year.
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Back to Pangaea

30 Dec 2016. Some very big tobacco companies in the US split apart a decade or more ago like the continents once did from the land mass geologists dubbed Pangaea. Now tobacco’s tectonic plates seem ready to reconnect in a development that could be called ‘back to Pangaea.’
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Indecision in India

30 Dec 2016. Concrete decisions were few at the semi-annual plenary of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Against a backdrop of criticism from harm-reduction advocates and protests by Indian tobacco farmers, the COP confined itself to lamenting tobacco industry interference.
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Prepare for plain packs

30 Dec 2016. 2017 will be a hard year for tobacco packaging with up to six nations set to join Australia in stripping branding and colours from tobacco products. Tobacco companies are likely to challenge governments in legal proceedings and the WHO is making preparations of its own.
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