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PMI seeks allies in UK

29 Jun 2017. As word about IQOS in the UK spreads, thanks to a new IQOS conversion programme, PMI UK has taken steps to ensure its ‘smoke-free future’ is also a harm reduction-friendly one. This includes appealing to the government for fair taxation and regulation of reduced risk products.
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Legalising harm reduction

29 Jun 2017. Consumer advocates in both the UK and US are hoping to take advantage of the volatile political situation and convince lawmakers to relax regulations on what they believe are lifesaving tobacco products. And with evidence in favour of tobacco harm reduction mounting, and attitudes towards reduced risk products changing, will regulators really be able to refuse?
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A new era dawns at WHO

29 Jun 2017. There are significant differences in approach between newly-appointed WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and that of his predecessor. For one, he plans to make WHO more “transparent and accountable”. For another, he is not talking about tobacco – at least not yet.
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Is tobacco control turning a corner?

29 Jun 2017. As arguments for tobacco harm reduction gain momentum, marijuana goes mainstream, and WHO says goodbye to ENDS sceptic Margaret Chan, TJI asks: are we entering a new age of tobacco control in which conventional rules are turned on their heads and relative risk actually plays a role?
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