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A burning issue

23 Oct 2017. The tobacco industry is continuing its efforts to create the perfect non-combustible tobacco cigarette: a mission that began in the mid 1980s. The latest incarnation is PMI’s Teeps, which will be introduced into test markets later this year. But, with a quarter of a century’s worth of failures behind it, will the heat-not-burn cigarette ever catch fire?
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A century without nicotine

23 Oct 2017. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to sink nicotine levels in cigarettes sold in the country. The question of where Very Low Nicotine (VLN) tobaccos will come from has put a spotlight on 22nd Century Group, which says it’s in the best position to provide it.
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Reimagining the cigarette

23 Oct 2017. History has taught us that if you tamper too much with any one element of the classic cigarette in the hope of making it “safer”, you are likely to have a commercial failure on your hands. But how long will this hold true? In this Special section, TJI explores the possibilities presented by changing regulatory and consumer attitudes to tobacco products, and asks if the “safer cigarette” has finally found its moment.
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“I see a bright future for heated ‧tobacco products”

23 Oct 2017. JTI’s Reduced-Risk Products Vice President, Dr Ian Jones, discusses the development of Ploom Tech, the role of temperature and his view on the future of heat-not-burn products.
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