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An industry of extremes

06 Mar 2018. Feelings run hot when smoking is debated and trends in tobacco are no less heated. Tumultuous market activity in Japan and Russia continues to amaze, while the extent of illegal sales in some European markets seems to have been exagerated. If that wasn’t enough, one of the biggest cigarette makers in the world says it wants to kick the habit ...
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Illicit trade engulfs Russia

06 Mar 2018. The collapse of internal cigarette production in Russia, which became obvious in 2017, can only be explained in part by the decline in consumption. Maxim Korolev reveals that the ‧criminalisation of the market has played just as much a role in the decline, and points to the regulatory measures made by the Russian Ministry of Health that enabled it.
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Future tobacco consumer?

06 Mar 2018. The eyes of the tobacco industry are fixed on Japan, which has become the de facto test bed for a future dominated by heated tobacco products (HTP), writes analyst Don Hedley. New hope in the form of HTP has set aside gloomy combustible cigarette forecasts in Japan.
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Contraband surges in Europe

06 Mar 2018. Bulk tobacco smuggling is on the rise in eastern and south-eastern Europe. Therefore, cigarette manufacturers are calling for a better co-ordinated approach by law enforcers, as well as the ‧passing of clearer and stricter legislation to combat the menace, says Diana Yordanova.
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