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Making it to the finish line

26 Apr 2019. The tobacco industry has finally reached the EU’s TPD2 20 May 2019 deadline for cigarettes and RYO tobacco products. Manufacturers and importers had barely over a year to comply with the EU requirements, after the EU took over four years to determine what exactly the tobacco industry’s track-and-trace requirements would entail. Did the industry make it on time, what challenges has it had and what type of machinery options do importers and manufacturers have?
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Is the EU‘s TPD2 deadline under threat?

26 Apr 2019. It took the EU more than four years to set in stone exactly what it meant by systems for traceability and security features for tobacco products as required by TPD2. This left manufacturers and importers of cigarettes and RYO tobacco just over one year to get the whole infrastructure up and running before the rules come into force on 20 May 2019. With so little time left, will the industry beat the odds and meet the deadline?
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TPD2- a few weeks to go...

26 Apr 2019. All 28 EU member states will be required to apply five mandatory security features and a unique identifier code (UI) to cigarette and roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco packaging handled within the EU from 20 May 2019. The UK-based Marden Edwards, which has over ten years of experience in developing automation systems required to code, aggregate and label cigarette packaging and other tobacco products, gave TJI detailed information about T&T systems, including its very own.
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Effortless dive into pack security

26 Apr 2019. Time’s almost up for cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco products. During a recent visit to Boikon’s headquarters, two experts, including the co-founder of the Netherlands-based company, sat down and spoke to TJI about its latest track-and-trace technology for production lines.
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Checking codes for quality

26 Apr 2019. Track-and-trace legislation will most likely become the norm globally, warns James Cutforth. The Head of Global Tobacco Solutions for Coding, Marking, Vision, Serialisation and Track & Trace at Domino Printing spoke to TJI about its T&T solution and the challenges that the EU‘s TPD legislation has brought to the industry.
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