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Europe offers ‘next gen’ opportunities

03 Jan 2019. Next Generation Products (NGPs) are on the rise, with consumers opting to switch to vaping and manufacturers increasing their new product portfolios. Growth opportunities in the NGP space in Europe make a strong case for investment, according to Essentra.
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Voke to launch mid-2019 in UK

03 Jan 2019. We’ve seen no trace of it since early 2017 when it parted ways with BAT, but the UK’s medically-approved nicotine inhaler is back. And, according to its maker, it’s here to stay. With practical advantages that other nicotine delivery devices cannot hope to attain, will Voke become the dark horse of the next generation category?
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Juul Labs ‘delighted’ with UK launch

03 Jan 2019. It may be a cultural phenomenon huge enough to have its own verb, but the success of Juul in the US has led to major problems with underage usage. Despite fears that the same thing would happen in the UK, Juul’s venture into the world’s second largest vaping market has been thus far untainted.
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Still no e-cig for ‘the soccer mom’

03 Jan 2019. One of the central messages of London’s 2018 Next Generation Nicotine Delivery conference (NGN) was that, despite considerable progress, reduced risk products are still not where they need to be to attract the average smoker. The event also highlighted two big new areas of interest: CBD and nicotine salts.
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A lighter touch in London

03 Jan 2019. As NGPs become ever more firmly entrenched in European and Asian markets, it is the UK that remains the e-cig capital of the Old World. With an impressive vaping prevalence (5.4 per cent in 2017, according to ECigIntelligence data) and a shrinking smoking population, the country is going further than any other to support tobacco harm reduction.
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