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Switch to gas for tobacco curing

17 Jun 2022. The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) is looking into using gas rather than firewood to cure tobacco in future, reports Xinhua News Agency.

The TIMB is looking for gas technology companies to set up a centralized gas curing facility to tobacco in order to move away from the traditional method of curing with firewood. The TIMB says that 262,000 hectares are lost due to deforestation in Zimbabwe each year with around 15 to 20 per cent because of tobacco growing and the curing process. By using a centralized gas facility, multiple farmers would be able to cure their tobacco at the same time, reports Xinhua News Agency.

"This is one of the sustainable curing initiatives which we are considering as a Board. Sustainable tobacco production is the efficient production of quality tobacco, under conditions that limit the negative impact on the environment. This also entails the best agricultural practices that improve the socio-economic conditions of tobacco growers and communities in tobacco-producing areas," TIMB spokesperson Chelesani Moyo said.