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Marc Reisner


Marc was an officer in the German federal armed forces for eleven years before beginning a career in journalism. He was editor at a publication for real estate agents and later worked as deputy-editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief for several investor magazines in Germany and Switzerland. He gained experience at both public relations and advertising agencies before returning to journalism - this time in the tobacco industry. Marc joined TJI as editor-in-chief in October 2014.


Phone: (+49) 6131 - 5841 133

E-mail: marc.reisner(at)

Stefanie Scherrer

Advertising Sales Manager

Stefanie Scherrer has been in the advertising department of TJI for the last 20 years and is known to all TJI customers.


Phone: (+49) 6131 - 5841 139

E-mail: stefanie.scherrer(at)



Kacey-Anne Kenney


Kacey, originally from the state of Oregon in the United States, holds a Master of Arts in American Studies from the Johannes Gutenberg-Universitšt in Mainz, Germany. Before joining TJI in September 2017, she worked as a freelance editor and translator for different industries such as packaging and e-commerce.


Phone: (+49) 6131 - 5841 142

E-mail: kacey-anne.kenney(at)


Marie Mayer


Marie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and Political Science from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitšt Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Peking University, China. For several years, Marie has worked as an editor in television, radio stations and publishing. Her background includes writing articles, filming and cutting videos and PR. Marie joined TJI in January 2019.


Phone: (+49) 6131 - 5841 130

E-mail: marie.mayer(at)