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New South Wales bans vaping in public spaces

12 Apr 2018. NSW’s state parliament has passed a ban on vaping in smoke-free areas which will come into effect in July 2018, The Guardian reported.

From July, vaping will be banned in shopping centres, cinemas, libraries, public transportation, public swimming pools, sports areas, outdoor dining areas and at public transport stops, according to the report.

Those caught vaping in these locations will be fined up to AUD 550 (EUR 345.54).

Brad Hazzard, the health minister, said in a statement about the ban: “Put simply, where you are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, you now cannot vape either.”

The ban on vaping in public locations already exists in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory.

Scott Walberger, tobacco control manager, commented on the ban: “There is conclusive evidence that e-cigarette vapour increases particulate matter and nicotine in the air which may be a risk to bystanders who are exposed to the vapour.”