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Country to extend bans on smoking

04 Sep 2018. The country has intensified restrictions on smoking in public places and further restrictions on smoking are planned, according to the Ynet news site, BBC news reported.

Since 1 September, smoking has been banned in all government offices, courts, religious councils, hospitals and clinics in the country. Now, the ban on smoking is expected to extend to concerts, demonstrations, open-air events with more than 50 people, swimming pools, open-air sports facilities, playgrounds, zoos, entrance areas to pre-schools and enclosed car parks in the near future, according to the Ynet report, BBC news reported.

In addition to that, Ynet reported that the Health Ministry's Moshe Bar Siman Tov told the parliament in May 2018 that the government would also extend the smoking ban to areas in bars and restaurants in Israel.

According to Ynet, some locations will still be permitted to have a designated smoking area at least 10 metres from the entrance, as long as the smoking area does not cause an issue for other parts of the facility or residences, BBC news reported.

Individuals caught smoking in these restricted areas can be fined ILS 1,000 (EUR 238) and owners not enforcing these bans can be fined ILS 5,000 (EUR 1,192), according to the source.