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Global compass

Towards a bigger future

24 Feb 2017. The British American Tobacco bid for Reynolds American would create the largest tobacco company outside the Chinese state monopoly and a world leader in reduced-risk products.
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The consolidation game

24 Feb 2017. BATs acquisition of Reynolds has again focused attention on ownership of the world tobacco‧ ‧industry. The question, often posed can the market consolidate further? As usual the answer is yes, but this time theres a sense that the endgame may be approaching . . .
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PMTA the easy way

24 Feb 2017. The FDAs Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) process is not only exhaustive but also exhausting. There may be no predicate product (at least not yet) to provide the US vapour industry with a quicker, easier way to get products approved, but Essentra USA believes it can offer another route potentially saving manufacturers both time and money.
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Challenges ahead for Cuba

24 Feb 2017. Premium Cuban cigars are poised to sweep into the US premium cigar market. But Cuban producers will have to navigate several serious obstacles if they are to lay claim to a significant market share. Above all, growers and manufacturers will have to ramp up production.
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Will Trump make US vapour great again?

24 Feb 2017. The face of Donald Trump is all over the media. Trump is everywhere, but where is he on tobacco and vapour? The US President is a teetotaller and never-smoker. But his promise to create jobs and slash regulation could mean big things for the US vapour industry. This prospect has given rise to hope and action.
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Could synthetic nicotine save US vapour?

24 Feb 2017. Many ‧solutions are being sought to prevent the demise of around 95 per cent of the US vapour industry as a result of FDAs deeming rule. But could simple chemistry be the answer? A recent, and rather uncharacteristic, statement from FDA seems to suggest so.
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Tobacco Traveller: Poland

24 Feb 2017. We begin the new era of TJIs Tobacco Traveller with European tobacco giant, Poland.
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