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Coming to terms with Brexit

30 Dec 2016. As long as the UK government’s authority to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary consent is in doubt, Britons will probably remain in the dark about the actual terms of exit. Yet even without the specifics, Brexit has already had a huge impact on the tobacco industry. We asked our UK readers how the referendum result has affected them and what they hope Brexit will look like.
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Tougher controls in Eastern Europe

30 Dec 2016. The European Union (EU) and its member states have been keen adopters of rules restricting how tobacco companies make, market and sell their wares but to what extent have its neighbours to the east and southeast followed suit?
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A look on the bright side

30 Dec 2016. For decades, businesses in the tobacco industry have been operating with the certain knowledge that the road ahead leads over a precipice of terminal decline. This has been part of the tobacco industry’s mindset for many years – until now . . .
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Smoke on the border

30 Dec 2016. Native Americans on either side of the US-Canadian border are granted a degree of autonomy to conduct their affairs. When it comes to the tobacco trade, relations between government regulatory bodies and the tribes have been an uneasy. The next run-in appears programmed.
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