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Global compass

Bucking trends in the Americas

06 Mar 2018. Tobacco markets across the Americas are feeling the pinch of tobacco control. Volumes are on the decline across the continents but certain sectors are bucking the trend. Patrick Meredith, innovations director at Essentra, says the specialty filters and vapour segments are doing well.
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A long time coming

06 Mar 2018. After a lengthy legal battle lasting nearly two decades, Americans are now able to view the tobacco companies’ court-ordered corrective statements on the adverse health effects of smoking. Reactions to the adverts have been mixed.
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Handmade in Honduras

06 Mar 2018. A small Mayan urn, uncovered by archaeologists in Honduras and dated to 700 AD, was proven in 2012 to have contained tobacco leaf. Painted onto the urn were Mayan hieroglyphics reading “the home of its/his/her tobacco”. It turns out tobacco has not only been used in Honduras for millennia, it has also been treasured by the people there.
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