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New UK-only track and trace system

19 Oct 2020. In order to get ready for the looming exit from the EU, HMRC will start testing a new UK-only track and trace system for cigarettes later this month, reports the Grocer.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) informed retailers earlier this month on how to set up for the new system and a test is planned for later in the month. The new track and trace system will replace the current EU version when the UK fully leaves the EU on 31 December, reports the Grocer. It is being put in place so that the UK will still be able to track the movement of tobacco products and clamp down on illicit trading.

According to the Grocer, wholesalers will not need to purchase new hardware but will have to make sure they upgrade to the necessary software version. The HMRC also stated that because some EU rules will continue to apply in Northern Ireland, wholesalers there will have to continue to submit their data to the EU system as well as the new UK version

“To minimise changes for businesses, it will be possible to use existing scanning devices. However, businesses will need to make arrangements with their scanning equipment solution provider to connect and submit data to the new UK gateway,” said an HMRC spokesman.