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Surge in growers

12 Jan 2018. The number of registered tobacco growers in 2017/2018 has increased by 40 per cent in Zimbabwe, the Chronicle reported.

The number of registered tobacco growers has increased from 81,172 to 113,530. Of those registered, 56,993 are communal farmers, 42,641 are A1, 7328 are A2 and 6,568 are small-scaled commercial growers.

The statistics from Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) show that the number of new growers increased by 129 per cent, from 14,231 last year to 32,622, as of 4 January this year. 18,631 are communal farmers, 855 are A1, 1,204 are A2 and 902 are small-scale commercial farmers.

The number of tobacco growers has continued to increase in Zimbabwe since 2009, according to the Chronicle.

Tobacco generated USD 904 million (EUR 746 million) in export receipts in 2017 and USD 933 million (EUR 770 million) in 2016 in Zimbabwe.

TIMB export figures suggested that the country exported 495,000 kilogrammes of tobacco valued at USD 1.4 million (EUR 1.15 Million) to five countries at the average price of USD 2.92 a kg as of 3 January 2018. During the same time span last year, 297,000 kg were exported for USD 4.63 per kg.