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Imperial to launch Juul-like pods in US, UK

06 Jul 2018. Imperial Brands will launch a new pod system for its MyBlu vaping device in the UK and US that uses a nicotine salt formulation similar to that used by Juul Labs in its Juul e-vapour product, Bloomberg reported.

Imperial aims to compete with Juul Labs with its revamped pod vaping device, and to reassure investors that alternatives to combustible tobacco products are an opportunity for the multinational, the news agency said.

“The type of experience Juul delivered was definitely a step forward,” Imperial Brands Chief Executive Officer Alison Cooper told Bloomberg. “Smokers weren't switching completely in to vaping before because the experience wasn't satisfying enough. That's what we are trying to achieve.”

Bloomberg reported Imperial has reduced the component count in its MyBlu vapour device and automated device production. Consumers of the new pods will be able to use the pods in existing MyBlu Systems, Bloomberg said.

The Juul device has taken a 68 per cent share of the US retail market for vapour products in a three-year period and the nicotine salt formulation it uses is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream than with other vapour products, Bloomberg reported.